For the manufacturing plants that

want to be more productive on the production floor

Data extraction, processing and visualization tool

All in one “Plug & Play” digitization tool

Production floor digitalization shouldn’t be


Non-Invasive Technology

Hardware Agnostic

The shortest implementation

Remote access from any device

Make the most of floor data to improve your efficiency

Only 1% of the production floor’s data is being used

in manufacturing to increase operational productivity.

Our model is inclusive and accessible

No upfront millionaire investments required to start

SaaS model based in monthly memberships covering from 29 to 100 monitored equipment

Digitize your floor operation by paying a fixed monthly fee and an accessible initial investment in hardware

Our non-invasive integration approach does not represent a risk for your equipment nor its guarantee.

Security is very important

SSL Certification

All your data is transmitted securely

using SSL certificates.

Non-Mission Critical

We do not access sensitive information,

we do not connect to your central data system.

Extra security

We can integrate custom made

extra security layers.

Monitor your complete operation in just 5 minutes