Monitor App®️ is a non-mission critical application, and we do not connect to our client’s core or PLC or otherwise have access to any account or sensitive data of any kind. All of our products have been designed for a non-invasive integration approach.

Security and Infrastructure

Monitor App®️ offers fully-hosted and maintenance-free solutions. Monitor’s entire IT infrastructure is provided and managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) at remote undisclosed locations. By leveraging one of the world’s most secure and reliable IT infrastructure providers, we ensure that your data is securely stored and accessed.

The security features of our products are used by many world class Fortune 500 companies.

We offer

1. Secure access. Access points allow secure HTTP access (HTTPS) so that we can establish secure communication sessions with our services using SSL.

2. Encrypted data storage for sensitive data.

3. AWS Shared Responsibility Model

4. AWS Cloud infrastructure has been designed and managed in alignment with regulations, standards and compliance best practices.

6. CSRF and XXS Protection

6.SSL / TLS communicates; on between nodes.

7. Autenticación de acceso implícito.

The Monitor App®️ platform is hosted in Amazon Web Services data centers, which comply with ISO 27001, SOC1, SOC2 and SOC3 security management standards. In addition, Monitor implements SSL encryption for authentication and when transmitting data with end-users. For more information regarding AWS's security, compliance and certifications, please visit: